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Orthodontics offers cosmetic, oral health, and functional benefits for individuals of all ages. It is used to treat a range of teeth and jaw alignment issues, and many patients report having increased confidence in their appearance and better oral health through treatment.

Orthodontics is available at Quality Dental Care LLC in Rockland and the surrounding area. We help our patients through the process, answering any questions they have along the way. To learn more about how orthodontics can help you achieve the smile of your dreams and improve oral health, call us at (781) 957-1330 today.

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An overview of orthodontic treatment

Many achieve a more beautiful, healthy smile through orthodontics, and having a general understanding is helpful when deciding if treatment is appropriate. Orthodontics is a dentistry form that focuses primarily on improving the jaw and teeth alignment to provide cosmetic, oral health, and functional benefits.

The process starts with a simple and easy consultation visit. During this appointment, our team helps patients make an informed decision about the best orthodontics treatment for a better smile. Orthodontics can help individuals who are not satisfied with the appearance of their smile or have oral health issues caused by misalignment.

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General dentists can perform orthodontics

As defined by MedLine Plus, orthodontics is the dentistry branch that deals with abnormalities of the teeth and jaw. It is performed by dental professionals who have completed a four-year undergraduate degree, a dental school post-graduate program, and received the necessary training to become licensed. General dentists who offer orthodontics choose to focus on the alignment of jaw and teeth, although they may also offer other services as well.

Orthodontics can fix a range of issues

Anyone who wants to improve their smile’s appearance and health through better jaw and teeth alignment should consider the benefits of orthodontics. Several issues orthodontics commonly fixes include:

  • Crooked Teeth. Patients who have teeth that do not align properly with surrounding teeth that cause a cosmetic or functional concern may benefit from orthodontics.
  • Spacing issues. Orthodontic treatment improves problems with spacing between teeth, including overcrowding and gaps between teeth.
  • Bite complications. Issues such as underbites, overbites, crossbites, and other jaw or teeth issues that do not allow for an ideal alignment while the mouth is closed can be remedied with orthodontics.

The best way to determine if treatment is appropriate is to consult with us today to schedule a time for an initial consultation.

Achieve a better smile with orthodontics

One of the more notable benefits of orthodontics is an improved appearance while smiling, which provides many patients with increased confidence each day. Additionally, orthodontics often helps with oral health by making it easier to access harder-to-reach areas of teeth. Many also find it easier to eat and talk through improved jaw and teeth alignment.

The benefits of orthodontics extend beyond the mouth. Periodontal disease can cause problems in other parts of your body, like your heart. Orthodontics’ contribution to the prevention of that disease is just one way the treatment can benefit the body as a whole. Orthodontics can alleviate headaches, face and neck pain as well. Dental professionals can use orthodontics treatments to help sleep apnea and other dental-related sleep problems.

How to keep good oral health during treatment

It is important to practice good oral hygiene during treatment to reduce the risk of oral cavities, oral infections, stained teeth, and other oral health concerns. Good oral hygiene during orthodontics starts with a high-quality and consistent daily oral care routine. This routine should include brushing daily, using mouthwash as directed by the dentist, flossing after each meal, and keeping retainers and other dental devices clean through proper cleaning and storage. It is also essential to regularly visit the dentist to check for signs of any oral health complications that may develop and ensure there are no setbacks during the treatment process.

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Orthodontics can help in many areas of life by improving appearance and oral health and making it easier to function, giving them the confidence to live life more boldly and do the things they love. If you are interested in learning more about treatment, Call us at (781) 957-1330 today.

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